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    If you have your profile page set to friends and family only, then those are the people who will be viewing it. 

      First of all, anyone who posts anything but the local news or weather on ANY place, is nuts. Anyone who has enough MONEY can and does get access. The owner of ANY site can see ANYTHING you give out. Think about this - THEY pay $$$$$ for the site, and they do not give you a place to roost on that site for FREE. While you may not pay cash $$$$$, you ARE giving them something they can SELL for $$$ to those who wish to purchase your informatin. If you say that you are having a birthday party for your 4 yr. old Billy. That is info that someone selling kids life insurance, or kids clothing, or educational stuff, or toys, etc. will buy. If you say you have recently remodeled your bathroom, that info is what anyone selling furniture, appliances, paint, flooring, etc. will buy - if you have redone your bath, they will try to get you to redo more rooms in your home.

    Be VERY careful of any info you give about your kids or grandkids - no photos, ages, gender, grades, schools, towns, - anything that will identify them to a stranger. Kidnapping is easy with the vast amount of information and photos people place on these "social" networks. As a mother whose 3 kids were kidnapped, I know the unspeakable terror you experience when kids are kidnapped!!!

    If you even say that you are going on vacation - anyone who wants that info can buy it - and will know that your house will be unattended for that period of time - Have you any idea what you feel when you come home and ALL your furniture, clothing & appliances are stolen - even your kitchen cabinets are emptied out, and all the gifts under the Christmas tree are gone? Well, I do, and I can tell you this - there are NO words that can explain it!!!

    BEWARE!! Do not telll anything that you would not tell to a killer, thief, or kidnapper!! That kind of limits it, doesn't it?

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