Do You Recognize What Others Do For You?

    I normally have a cup of coffee every morning, but for the last two days I've been drinking tea. My husband knows I drink tea when I'm out of coffee. I go into the kitchen and sitting on the counter is a box of hazelnut and a box of french vanilla coffee mix.

    My husband was sitting on the edge of the bed. I lead over, kissed him and thanked him for thinking of me!!!

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    Headless Man

    Good question, thumbs up.


    oh Pamela your hubby sounds one in a million lol

    Thanks Mel, he is!

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    **yes especcialy what jesus did on the cross when he died for us

    I always appreciate anything anyone does for me that is good and i try my best to let them know that.


    Always and forever!

    The world is chalk full of really great amazing giving people. If you pay attention to the amount of gifts from strangers on a daily basis, you would be amazed!Notice when people make way for you to enter traffic, smile at you,say "hello" and "have a great day", hold a door open, help you pick up items dropped,help you find something in a store...there are gifts everywhere. These are more recognizable if you are the one giving or paying it forward on a daily basis.A few years back, my boyfriend and I started to pick out random people in restaurants and miscellaneously buy their meals. I was working and chatting up a client one afternoon and she told me about a friend that had this happen to her and now she is doing the same thing. It is amazing what a chain of events a kind gesture can create.Randomly buy a bouquet of flowers and hand them to a stranger, next time you are at a pay parking purchase the next ticket and write on the back..."this is for you, have a great day" and leave it at the pay booth,buy the guy behind you a coffee in the line up. Giving doesn't have to be extravagant but you have no idea the gratitude you spread and good will you remind others of in the process.There is so much crap going on in the world...make it a brighter place and you will begin to see just how different it can be.


    Great answer! Big things, comes from small things.

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