If Kate becomes Queen if Prince William becomes King, why isn't Prince Phillip a King, since he is married to Queen Elizabeth?

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    The monarchy doesn't work that way. Each king or queen reigns for their lifetime (Mostly - forget the Duke of Windsor,)and the eldest son is the heir to the throne, followed by the other sons by age... as in Charles, Andrew, Edward... and then any daughters. We only have a queen if there are no sons, hence Queen Elizabeth 11 who was the eldest of two sisters. Queens rule alone. Historically it was safer. Women were subservient to men and would be expected to obey them. A queen outranks a duke and was safe from the influence of one faction over others. Elizabeth the first went too far, refusing to marry at all, but who could blame her when her father signed her mother's death warrant?

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    Because he wasn't born into the family. He was married into it. It is a double standard, yes, because women who marry into the family can be queen (either Camilla or Kate) when their prince husband ascends to the throne. They do it like this because, in a manner of speaking, King "outranks" Queen. Just like on a chessboard. I know 'rank' isn't the right word, but I couldn't think of the appropriate terminology. Prince Philip, being married into the family, has no right to the throne, so could not be given the title King, as that would mean he has a higher title than his wife who is the rightful ruler. And you can't rule if you weren't born into the title. So his wife the Queen, who WAS born into it, must have a higher title than him.
    On the other hand, when Prince William becomes King, Kate can become Queen, because William will still rule regardless of Kate's title. King is the highest title you can have, so it makes no difference what Kate's title will be, becasue he will still "outrank" her as King anyway.

    AT LAST!!! THE CORRECT ANSWER...welldone, lol
    What I do for you lot! I've come back to say thank you to those who marked me up... and I do thank you... and see a mistake I missed. Peoplelover again... in a comment.

    Her Majesty Queen Eliabeth 2 (got that?) was the eldest of Edward 6ths two daughters, (I know you got that,) What King Edward 6 did NOT do was marry somebody called Mary. He married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. (and no that may not be the correct spelling - it's tomorow here and I'm too tired to check. I still have to chase you round the site. I promised to mark up my critics and I've already done it here... and I need to find bulletman because I can't mark up a comment and he was muttering too, though he did save me the trouble of explaining when & why Kate will become Queen Catherine.

    Any further questions or moans as ANSWERS please. They are easier to read & I can mark up the writer, as promised, without taking up man-hunting. I have one alrsady :-)


    Suliz writes "Her Majesty Queen Eliabeth 2 (got that?) was the eldest of Edward 6ths two daughters, (I know you got that,)"

    WRONG! Her dad was King George 6th. Got that?
    I'm sorry Cammy but you are wrong. Sons take precedence over daughters. Anne, the Princess Royal, was Queen Elizabeth's second child but she remained fourth in line to the throne until one of her brothers had a child, who displaced her.

    Under that rule if Charles becomes king, as he will if he outlives his mother, Camilla is entitled to be queen and he has declared his intention to have a joint coronation. I don't think it will be a popular move: too many people loved Diana, but it is for him to decide.

    William will follow him, as the eldest son and Kate will become Queen Catherine. Until she has a child, Prince Harry will be next in line.

    Sorry suliz but King George6 was married to Queen Mary.the queen mother. They had two children Princess Elizabeth now Queen Elizabeth2 after the death of her father in 1952. The other child of George6 and Mary was Princess Margaret Rose. Normaly referred to as Princess Margaret. I have no idea where you got the idea George6 had sons or for that matter Princess Anne. Princess anne was born in 1950 and was the first child of then princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Princess Anne was third in line for the throne after Elizabeth and Margaret.



    Charles is Elizabeths`son not George 6s . So Charles is first in line when Elizabeth dies or abdicates. I also see where you got your information as to where you were incorrect with George1V. Sneaky little chap.

    You are forgiven by one of the colonials. I will be in London 4th Oct to 2nd Nov. visiting one of my daughters who lives there ,she is Aussie but her mother Scottish so "Right of Residence" If you live near London maybe we could meet face to face?
    All this is very interesting, but no one seems to have clarified why Phillip is not a King if what I heard on TV is correct - that Kate will be Queen if William gets to be King.

    If, or when, Prince William becomes king Kate will indeed be Queen Catherine. She may be crowned with him, later, or never, but that is the title she will hold.

    I did answer the question about why Philip is not king but it is so far back it's hardly surprising that you missed it.

    The reason is rooted way back in history, and you have to remember women were considered subservient to men and expected to obey their husbands. Therefore it was much safer if a female monarch remained higher in status. She was less likely to be "ruled" by one faction rather than be impartial... hence Prince Philip being created a Duke and be required to walk 2 steps behind the queen.
    Kate is now HRH Duchess of Cambridge...............

    She is, Carmel. Sorry this comment is late. The last time I tried to answer you, "Add new comment" wouldn't work.

    Princess Diana was Duchess of Cornwall, as is Camilla now. It didn't stop us calling her Princess Diana, and I suspect the lovely ex-Miss Middleton has won as many hearts and will either be adopted as Princess Catherine or Princess Kate.
    Peoplelover, I didn;t expect to have to describe the wjole family tree!!! Of course the queen was the daughter of Edward V1, and her sister was Princess Margaret. All I said was Elizabeth, the elder daughter, became queen because she had no brothers. had she had, even a younger one, he would have followed Edward V1 as king and the history of the monarchy would be entirely different.

    Oh glory! Now we have a mix up over Princess Anne. She was Queen Elizabeth's SECOND child of four, but fourth in line to the throne after the birth of Prince Edward.

    Before anybody asks, the title "Princess Royal" is discretionary, not a right. The queen chose to confer it on her only daughter.

    Technically Kate is now HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, bulletman. As with Diana, she is likely to be called Princes Catherine... if we don't settle for Kate.

    Wharever, she's a lovely girl and I wish them happiness. At least I seem to have stirred a debate so I'll mark up my critics :-)

    Always willing to admit when I am incorrect. What I meant to say was Princess Anne was the first daughter of the then Princess Elizabeth and Phillip. I now ask you who was the Edward the sixth you speak of? There were only 4 Edwards the last being the Duke of Windsor who would have been Edward the 4th but he relinquished the throne to his brother GEORGE the 6th. GEORGE THE SIXTH was Elizabeths father not a non existing EDWARD THE SIXTH. You will recall Edward Duke of Windsor married Mrs Simpson a divorcee. Elizabeths oldest son is Prince CHARLES not EDWARD and next in line to the throne.

    Spot on. I cnfused my Edwards & Georges - I can only plead exhaustion - my work doesn't stop for bank holidays, or even weddings, though I did watch the actual ceremony.

    I think Suliz and Peoplelover are both confusing their Edwards and Georges.
    Peoplelover be informed that there have been 8 Edwards to date. (not 4 as you state) Edward VIII (8th)1894-1972 King of GB & Ireland & British Dominions overseas; Emperor of India. He reigned for 325 days (uncrowned) before abdicating then his brother George VI (6th) 1895-1952 became King on Nov 16th 1936.

    Our kings have a habit of using very few names.

    First... I did say "forget the Duke of Windsor". You are correct in what you say but the first explanation was quite complicated enough without him. Neither is he remembered with any affection: he did this country a lot of harm from Germany during WW2 & would have done more had he been permitted to do so.

    To the second point, I did plead exhaustion. It was a genuine mistake made in what was, here, the middle of the night. Quite where Peoplelover became confused I have no idea, but it was doubtless my fault.

    I does me best m'lord :-)
    Catherine(Kate) will not become queen Catherine! Where on earth did you get that idea from?!

    when prince william eventually becomes king, catherine who now is duchess of cambridge will become queen catherine

    no she won't
    Prince Phillip was not directly in the line of inheritance to become Monarch. His wife was, when she was Princess Elizabeth. She became Monarch and Phillip became Consort, not King.

    William is directly in line (2nd) to become King and Monarch, after his father Prince Charles becomes King, on the death of Queen Elizabeth.

    The new monarch is always the eldest child of the dying monarch, whether the heir be male or female. This is the rule of Primogeniture, meaning firstborn.

    Your question raises yet another question which will need to be decided earlier. What title will be given to Charles' wife, Camilla, if and when Charles inherits the throne?

    Please see my second answer, Cammy.
    so whos bertie ha ha
    if next in line is female her husband can not be king cuz he would then outrank her only male heirs can have a queen.

    I just wanna know what happens to Kate if Wills gets killed ?

    Prime Minister Howard was opposed to Australia being a republic but he was nuts.
    Excuse me Suliz, but Queen Elizabeth II father was actually George the VI not Edward 6 as you refer.


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