Are email addresses visible if another member clicks to read your profile?

    I have done as Vinny did and switched off "notify me", which I thought was on screen. I registered with a work email I really don't want people to use. If they can't see it, I can stop worrying.

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    No they aren't visible to other members. Just look through a few members to see for yourself.
    There are two ways this site notifies you. One is the red notification button at the top and the other is for notifying you through your e-mail address. That one is a choice for you. (I know you know this. I just wanted to put it out there for others)

    That's fine, Colleen. Leeroy happened to get here first :-)
    Many thanks leeroy. I did look. I started with you :-)

    I then started worrying that you, & the others with high scores, knew something I didn't & those with low scores were so new to the site their details weren't there.

    It's my job gets me this way sometimes. (I'm a reader for a literary agency.) I overdose on thrillers.
    ole hipster

    Do you edit books? I wanted to do that when I was younger as I can read real fast and used to work for the Chicago Tribune in advertising where you had to type, read, spell, know punctuation and all that stuff and do it quickly! I did the obits and ads in classified section

    That's funny, no problemo. Hipster has a ton helpful experience... I call her M.J. for short, she's great.

    Not that sort of editing, though that is part of the job if the book merits it. First I'm a reader... I read to see whether or not the book is marketable. Some don't reach even me. If they do & I like a book I have to fight for it. !2 readers with one agency that takes on 3 new writers a year! Of course I want it to be one of mine, & that is where the hard work starts, advising on revisions, and persuading the writer their baby can be improved.

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