Does the pedestrian automatically have the right of way versus a lift truck in manufacturing?

    packing room floor in a cereal plant. material handler versus pedestrian?

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    It's not like it is a public highway or street. For safety's sake, you always have to be aware of pedestrians. But, in an industrial setting, there is a responsibility of the pedestrian to respect the fact that they are in a dangerous environment where equipment operator's views are often patially blocked and it is hard to see pedestrians who could be run over. It's a common sense thing there!

    In an industrial environment, especially with vehicles lifting heavy loads, there are other inherent dangers of loads shifting. So, in many instances, it is upon the pedestrian to stay out of the way so that the operator can safely perform their job.

    When you have heavy loads on a lift truck, it is the responsibility of the operator to get the load down to where it doesn't compromise the stability of the vehicle. Most industries require lift truck (forklift) operators to be certified, to know the specific dangers and risks of these specific types of vehicles. I've seen these vehicles tip, I'd say there's a certain degree of responsibility of the pedestrian to stay out of the way.

    This is just like being around a crane...under no circumstances do you walk under a load being lifted, or get in the way of the crane's function, as in some instances the pedestrian can compromise safety.

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