esypoxy verses oil based paint for wood boats which is best

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    How to Paint Wood Boats |
    You may need to take an old boat back to bare wood to achieve the best painting results. A heat gun and scraper are best for this procedure. Paint only when you are ... - Cached
    What is the best paint or varnish to put on a wooded boat?
    [Dec 15, 2006] Depends on if you want to still see the wood, ie, want a clear coat, or if you don't mind hiding the wood. If your boat is going to be kept on the hard between uses, you ... ~ by sidney w ( 8 comments ) -

    Here's a few websites to check out, I would also check into my friend used gel coat on his boat, but it was fiberglass so I can't tell you from experience, good luck. I do know that the prep work is most important with wood boats, you may have to strip it down to the wood to get the best results.

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