how do i fined pic's or videos that are hiddin on my comp

    or can i restore a video that was from the wed cam like it was edited,parts takin out ??made to look as its never been tampered with


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    Searching files on a Vista Windows can be done by clicking the 'Start' button (usually is marked with a Windows icon), and then typing the name of the file that is looked for at the search bar, as can be seen at the following picture:
    "" .

    In Windows XP version, it is done by clicking the 'Start' button, and then choosing the 'Search option that is on the menu that opens, as van be seen at the following picture:
    About you second question, I don't konw if you can undo changes in a webcam video that had been saved. You can try looking for information about it at


    k thanks alot for your time and helping with this small dilemmai'm hoping this will save one hell of a debait in witchthe out come is not in my favour so thinking as i do taking a computor course would undoughtingly be a smart down load in my lodgicll way of thinking have a grand weekend

    Glad I could help (:

    if your vid was edited from your web cam, { had people in living room ] she made it look as thier was no one ever there at can i but it back to origanl footage

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