what is the youngest age that a girl can legally consent to sex

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    Interesting question because it is not just the age of the girl that is in question but do the rights of parents or guardians exceed the girls rights if she is permitted by them to engage in sex before her legal age. It was customary in some parts of our culture for a prospective groom to ask the parents of the under age girl for her hand in marriage before she had attained the age of consent.

    thanks robertgrist but you didnt answer my question.i think that when a boy are girl goes thru puberty and can show a reasonably amount off maturity in knowing about sex and pregnancy then they should be able to legally consent to sex.what else should we do when we start having sexual desires.

    "what else should we do when we start having sexual desires"

    Ignore them or learn how to take care of them yourself (no partner involved) until you are legally responsible for yourself, your life and the life that you may bring into this world even if you practice safe sex. "Accidents" happen to those who think they are doing it safely. Those babies typically end up on the welfare system with tax payer footing the bill and they have parents who are far too young to know how to properly parent.

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    In the USA, it depends on your state. Some say 16 others say 18. Check with your state law concerning this. 

    Hmmm... kids can have consensual sex when they are very young....Parental rights only come into play if the kid's partner is over 18 or significantly older...a 10 yr old with a 16 year old for ex.

    Legaly 18 by law in most of the international agreements.

    I know a 14 y.o. girl who moved in with her boyfriend (16) at his parents house, had birth control, got married legally when she was 18 and are still married with with 4 children, both working their oldest boy is in college and things are working out well for them. Not everything odd ends up in disaster but family support can make a world of difference.


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