I want to download Mozillafirefox 11 because I didn't have crashes. I can't get it now, when I try it says "update". I DON'T WANT TO UPDATE!

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    UP date it .Its safe from  Firefox.

    I think you will have no choice but up date, as the Mozillafirefox you want is not effected any more, Up date is safer,

    Dollybird & bowsa, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, I really appreciate it.  Only problem is, it still crashes when I update.  So, what am I doing wrong????  I like Mozilla Firefox.  I have tried Google Chrome & still get the same thing.  I am not real "Computer Savey", I'm 63 yrs old & had a stroke in 2001.  This started out to be therapy for me as I was paralyzed on the right side for a couple of months...still can't feel...but because of my computer, I can use my right arm.  Thank you GOD!!!  I can't always remember things, thank GOD for notebooks...LOL...and people like the both of you.  I keep all my stuff updated & I run cheeks once a week for bugs, etc.  My sister bought me this laptop & she put on here what I there is the "Computer Wonder".  I can't keep bothering her since she works & deals with a tumor on the brain.  Anyway, she put 3 "spy safe" programs....LOL see, I can't even remember what it is called..... on here to protect my computer. Again, thank you so much for answering me as you did and if you read this......I will thank you in advance because my sister says I don't know when to stop talking....LOL......I hope you can help me on what I should do.  Have a blessed day..


    Hi, if you want to download Mozillafirefox 11, then you can get it here.

    There is a notice saying this version is prone to crashes, so it might be a good idea to update. Here's the link with the news.


    Hi KATHY.Sorry to hear about your health hope it improves,and the computer`s as well lol I am with fire fox (Mozilla)I also have Microsoft Security Essentials "FREE down load they scan automatic for bugs .Works great.Kathy try safe mode if it works ,It could be a plug in problem like .sorry don`t want to muddle you up ,like me !If you know someone near you or your sister ,hope they can help out My computer is windows 7 I close down ,restart but press F8 it takes you into modes .good luck my dear friend bless you.

    Hi Kathy.dahike,
    So nice to know youe came back. How are you? Once you get used to been on line, its hard to be with out Laptop/Computer. Im sorry that you are not in best of health, put your trust in God.
    I dont have anything else to add to what Dardaigh has wrote,as Im not that great with computers. Hope you found information use full. God Bless, and be safe.

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