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    Steve Jobs used to work at an Apple Orchard one summer.  As he and co-founder, Steve Wozniak, tried to come up with a name for the company under an apple tree, they agreed that if they couldn't come up with the name by sunset, they'd name it Apple! 




    Yup, that's the computer that the YUP"s can take to Starbucks and be one of the crowd. (Of course, our Starbucks have closed down due to the terrible economy)
    Your story sounds believable but then so did Vinny's. Ah so.

    Vinny is smarter but I am the good looking one, itsmee.

    I'm clumsy too! Being smart and clumsy doesn't mix, i still look stupid.. :)

    I just think it's funny that a man with the name Jobs, is part of an industry that has eliminated so many.


    The story I heard is while Steve Jobs and Wozniyack (sp) was working on their first computer in a garage as students at San Jose State in San Jose CA, one of them took a bit of an apply and placed it on their work bench as they were deciding the name of their new company.. I don't know if this is true, maybe folklore, maybe not.. I don't like apple puters anyway so it doesn't matter to me.. LOL

    Vinny, there's a typo in your comment that needs correcting. Change to "One of them took a bite of an APPLE ..."
    San Jose State ... My son's college. It was right down the road from us ... at that time we were in Salinas.


    I like my typos, they make me look stupid.. LOL I'm leaving it there.. 'A bit of the apply' LOL

    Misdirection - you're not likely to forget it now, are you?

    In 1993 I was hired to write and put together a newletter. It was in DOS (or something) I thought I'd lost my mind!

    Did Jobs bring computers to the common man/woman? Was Apple the first one that "normal" people could learn?

    I started in 1993 and still feel like a total beginner on my Apple. They keep changing it ,and I keep getting older and it gets more difficult for me to learn.

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