motivate and disaplin myself

    How to Motivate and Discipline Myself

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    Read here......

    And look up the word "disaplin".  You have spelled it incorrectly!

    Think about the light at the end of the tunnel, why are you doing what your doing, the benefit must be worth it, set yourself some goals, be realistic and don't beat yourself up if you fall short sometimes, just remember why you are going through the things you are, reward yourself sometimes, it doesn't necessarily need to more than a coffee with a friend, or an occasional meal out.

    In my personal experience I cannot get motivated if I don't want with all my heart the end of result, no matter how beneficial it would be to my life, unless I am 100% in the moment of feeling that I want it, it does not work.  So think about what you want and feel yourself having achieved it, in a way that you are truly happy.

    For example, my friend was diagnosed as diabetic, and was told to give up about 80% of her diet, she LOVES all things sweet!  she knows that if she does not she could die, her husband was upset with her and she has a new baby, all good reasons to do it, but she can't because in her hart of harts she does not want to give up her food.

    SO I asked her what she wanted, she said to eat what she wants and be healthy.  She visulised what that would be like and feels like and  after about two months of doing this she is know in a place where she is choosing for herself healthy -not because her husband tells her to, not because she knows she can die, or her child will be motherless but because she has found a feeling place in-herself that made it OK for her.  Hope that made sense and was helpful.

    Good luck :)

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