'Notify when my question gets an answer'

    Does this mean notify by email or notify here on the 'site'..

    I am getting many email notifications to my secondary email address, I want to turn it off but I don't want to turn off the local notifications. i see this in the profile settings but its not clear.

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    Thanks Colleen, I am going to turn it off.
    If you guys see any more posts referring to me or complaining about me, they are coming from a user who had 4 user names and was causing drama on the forum. All those names were suspended. She is young and doesn't like to be told what to do. The decision to suspend her was not mine alone. Her type of childish actions are not welcome here. She has already created 2 more names which have also been suspended. So if you see a drama thread and then it disappears, you'll know why. ;)
    i have trouble with many aspects. sometimes i see that someone has answered a question. i go looking for it and get distracted and lose my way. it's a jungle in here ... in a good way. thanks colleen.
    I thought it meant notify here on this site but I'm not sure what's going on with your secondary email address. Ask Colleen..she's good with this stuff

    Ok, I'll ask Colleen.. LOL
    It means by e-mail. We had it at the old forum too but I never got any alerts so I can't say if it works on this forum. It will send the alerts to the e-mail address you register here with.

    Colleen, is it possible to change your email address? I don't want to reregister but the one I used is really for work. I was only expecting to ask one question

    If you submit the request to the "contact" link below, the admins may be able to change it for you. We were able to change our e-mail addresses on the old forum but we can't on this one.
    ole hipster

    see Colleen I knew that you knew!! (:

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