Have you seen the web site the meat industry does not want you to see?

    Paul McCartney narrates. (He sure doesn't sing!)

    Meat Behind Glass Walls.  Address is:   Meat.Org      : ((((

    I will not be eating any more meat and will have to find out how to stay healthy being a vegetarian.  I just can't believe it. (I couldn't look at the whole thing. My husband watched it and told me about it)

    PETA has a free vegetarian starter kit and other information. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. 


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    I wrote the above while siezed by a panic attack. When I feel that way I should no doubt sit on my hands, knit, paint, climb a mountain ... you get the idea.

    Indeed I was horrified by Paul McCartney PETA movie, however I’m not going to change my entire life on the basis of one 20 minute viewing.

    It seems to me that the butchers are difficult to get ahold of. My mom used to go to the butcher and talk a

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    Itsme, I cant go to that site "Meat. org", since it makes me sick watching abuse of any  animals. I am sure it is absolutely true what Paul McCartney reported on animal abuse.
    Last August it was reported, that 1000 cattle died on the way to beeing shipped to Russia from the US. They suffocated from amonia fumes due to breakdown in manure removal.
    3 weeks ago there was a report of Dairy Cows in Hanson, Idaho, beeing viciously abused by 5 individuals. and it goes on and on. I dont eat red meat for that reason.  We are a savage nation.
    If you can handle abuse better than I can, go to "Mercy for Animals" I have been to that site twice in 3 years. 


    Ann, the address is: You Tube

    I've watched it a couple of times. The baby pigs half beaten to death, lying in a pool of their own blood is an image I won't forget.


    CB., Calves that are sick, beeing beaten to death with hammers.How sick is that?

    Just get organic meat. They treat their animals better. 


    I will check with the butcher. Good saying.


    No doubt there's a ill treatment of food animals in 'some places' however, I am not sold on being vegetarian, there's just some staples in meat your body needs that can not get from a veggie. We are born with canine teeth for meat. PETA does a hit up job on drying to destroy the meat industry but its not entirely true!  My neighbor is a vegetarian, believe me, she looks like a sick puppy, also into 'save the animals'.  She's sickly!  Being a vegetarian is not for everyone, and more sickening to me are people that turn their meat eating pets into vegetarians as well.

    I love all animals i love the wild, i love watching animals and my wife says I am the second coming of Dr. Doolittle as I talk to the animals and many wild ones come right to me for some reason, but that said-- i will always eat them because they nourish me and they taste good!  :) but you are entitled to your opinions as well, just don't believe all you see in these PETA movies.  matter of fact, if its the same one I saw, that thing keeps coming up, its over 40 years old, they don't do that mis-treatment anymore.



    I saw and I know vegetarians who look very healthy and full of life. and i saw 'meat people' who look like a sick puppy as well. I do not think that the diet is the only and determining factor of people's look.
    and I strongly doubt in fact that you know the meaning of love. please read some books or articles on appropriate topic.
    just do not say you love animals. it sounds hypocritically.

    Vinny, the short movie I saw was not 40 years old. Paul McCartney looked his real age - mid 60’s.
    I hope you are right. I hope they treat the animals better ,dear doctor. : )

    Vinny, I made a mistake. True, McCartney was his true age but the video portion could well have been 40 years old.(That could have been a "trick by PETA) Paul could have been sitting in his studio in England just last week and the video could have been taken out of the U.S. archives of 40 years ago. I think the video of the animals was black and white and I can’t get there any more.

    Wow 'OKAY' You're quite the hater aren't you??? My guess is you've never spent a day in the wilderness, probably go camping in an RV. I do believe you have some anger management classes to take. Sorry to inform you, I do know the meaning of love and yes I do love animals-- Do you love gardening?? why do you eat what you love? veggies also are living things. Do you eat fish?? It too has a face and I might add beautiful to watch. If you want to be a hater, please go someplace else, we don't insult each other here.

    Vinny, No one is trying to turn you into a Vegetarian. We all have a choice.
    The abuse of factury animals is very real and it still happens all the time.
    I guess its easier for you to think that animal abuse happened a long time ago and is not happening anymore. You are very wrong.
    All animals feel pain, especially when they are tortured and mistreated.
    We cant stop factury farming, but we can stop this incredible torture of animals by beeing aware what is going on.

    Vinny, apparently there has been a misunderstanding. I'm not a "hater"
    If my words have hurt you in any way, I apologize. Words can hurt.

    itmee-- i wasn't calling you a hater.. The person's screen name is 'okay' I kind of take this persons reply to me as a hater, regarding police and that I am a hypocrite and the challenge to me that I don't know the meaning of love. Nothing to do with you itsmee-- I respect your opinions as always. :)

    Good to hear it, Vinny. : )

    I’ve eaten every critter that came to my plate. The list is long and at my age it wouldn’t matter if I quit or not cause the ghost flocks of of all those critters are coming to get me on October 31st and I’m afraid of the last standing rib roast I ate….I’m so sorry mister cow…really. Boo-whoo. 


    On Halloween Mrs. Cow tried to scare you and shout “Boooo!” Poor critter, when she tried to frighten you it came out “MOOOOO!” : )

    True story: My dad used to do publicity for a butcher shop. The butcher didn’t have enough money to pay him so he paid him in meat. This went on for months. I yearned for a hot dog or hamburger.

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