where can you find arm and hammer washing soda to make laundry soap?

    near  Cape Girardeau Mo , 63701 or a web site that would have it available?

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    Try here >


    I looked on the website washing soda is not listed unless it is called something else or has a substitute. On Katie Couric show they gave this formula for making laundry soap so much cheaper and said all products could be found at Walmart but since arm & Hammer makes tons of laundry detergent , I assume they don"t want to sell the main ingredient for other people to make it at home but I appreciate your help. THANKS ALOT

    This forum is world wide.  Can you give us your area so we can help you locate it?

    Here is a list of stores......



    Ducky- I see however I am not one to make my own soap and if I have a computer, I think I'll buy store made laundry soap! Something like Amish folks on an airplane- maybe? Not being mean just saying what the heck! !

    Do you REALLY think that lady will make her own soap? I don't but she got our attention! Good for all of us! HA HA!

    Crafty laundry soap! Cool, I guess Candles I understand laundry- not so much! lol:)

    Do you have a problem with their laundry soap that already has soda in it?  Arm & hammer does have laundry soap already made! Amazing , huh?


    "They" say that the kind that you make yourself, is much cheaper, more effective and you use way less of it. :)

    Oh I perfectly understand clu. (Haha) No makin' soap for me either. I once had a friend who was into making everything because she said it was FUN! Get this...laundry soap, bar soap, candles, greeting cards, Christmas decorations, clothes for kids and husband, slip covers for couch, drapes, hook rugs, knitting, I could go on and on... YUK!
    And...she complained that she always felt tired. Do ya' think? :)

    Yes...crafters do those kinds of things.

    Call this phone number 1-800-524-1328 and have the UPC code 33200-03020. The service will ask for your zip code and then tell you places in your area that sell the item. I believe this service will locate most items if you have the UPC code number. Possibly the Kroger store.

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