What is the real meaning of everybody always watching NEWS so what the real meaning of NEWS anyways am lost at this ?

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    News brings new information for the events of the day. News simply means new or up to date information. 

    News bulletins keep people updated to the latest happenings all over the it good news bad news political news,things that people are interested in usually!...or sometimes the news/media asks the public to help them find missing people/kids and keeps us aware of things to watch out terrorist alerts that we are aware of potential problems ..sometimes they add funny things that have happened!(Not often)!...The news is usually followed by a weather all keeps us aware of serious things that are happening over the world...and sometimes asks us to donate money etc to poorer countries who are in from floods/war victims...The news raised awareness!..Hope that helps you a bit!

    News is N E W S, spell it. Be updated and aware of what's going on in your world and elsewhere......

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