has the bc librals scrapped there driveable test in bc taking away drivers liciences in bc

    i took the test with no glasses and because of a fail the superintendent of mvb has suspended my drivers licience even though my specialist dr has been trying to book me a road test he has had no luck with this because they already mailed out my suspension notice from the bc superintendent of mvb based on my driveable test i took eithout any reading glasses i can not use a computer without my reading glasses but i did pass mvb eye test when i renewed my drivers last time

    and my dr is now trying to have a riad test booked  no luck so far i am far to young to just give up driiving i could never see my children if it was all buss trips or cabs

    i can not get into any plans to retire while trapped without my drivers based on the driveable test my dr is trying to book me a road test but nothing so far i i am still awaiting the return of my funds hrlp by thr bc public trustee that took over after getting dischatged from a hospital


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    There is not much on the internet about this.

    In response, the government will no longer use the DriveAble test as the sole testing tool and the process will be expanded by enabling seniors to take a road test if they fail the initial assessment.

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