If the ticket for Heaven was 10K would you work hard to save the money?

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    I think if God put a price on getting into Heaven then most people would make sure they had all the money saved before they bought a house, car etc. The thing is. it is free and all we need to do is call on Jesus. He knows the way because He paid for the ticket.

    Look at lily24 answer. Smart
    I'd build a church and pass a plate. Wait, someone already thought of that. ;)
    IF it was for 10k? How unfair would that be and stupid, what happens to the poor religious people that live on a piece of of bread a day, go to hell?, and which centuries money or currency are we looking at, that'd be total stupid of god. the answer would be, i would not give a shit about the god that implies that rule. LOL, I know it's free, but not hundred percent free you see, religious people sacrifice so many stuff in their life, such as abandoning the bad sins and not having the full freedom to do what a human can do, just for the idea or rather what we call faith in believing something out their exists that has created us. their whole lifetime of sticking to that idea, and restricting themselves to do 'other' stuff. just for that invisible idea of faith. so i don't think it's totally free. otherwise god wouldn't have created hell if everyone was to be free to enter heaven.

    If you really read the question then you would see I was making a point. If we had to pay then we would make that a priority but because its free some rubbish it. You go LOL. When you stand before God you wont say LOL

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