Why do you think Obama look so sad during the debate?

    It seems there were many times when he could have bit back.

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    Maybe he had gastro or something.He obviously was not on top of the world.He seemed as tho he just didn't want to be there.


    Yes, I thought that same thing or maybe there was some kind of threat hanging over his head or the head of a family member. It’s just not good. I don’t pay attention to politics but I do know some things. He’s getting my vote. Absolutely.

    I know politics aren’t a good subject but I’ll give it a try. Wjy not?

    Hey Tommyh, i was gone for awhile and now I’ve returned and have found that so many of our good people have scattered to the winds.
    Or maybe my questions haven’t been right .

    Yes Itsmee a few have disappeared.I thought you had too.I'm really glad to see you back my friend.

    It's good to see you, Tommyh. It is very good to see you too. Oh, you know that. : ))

    Obama did not look sad at the debate. It was more contempt. He is not used to anyone challenging him., after all people consider him to be the "Messiah" What a bunch of bull.

    Maybe he was just tired of it all and wanted it to be over.........

    he was wearing a very small ear phone during the debate, and he was concentrating on what his handlers were telling him to say......which is cheating.

    I wouldn't say he looked sad , but gee he has one very grey lol...

    Maybe because his earpiece was not receiving the coaching from Bill Clinton!

    he was thinking another four more years of broken promises and bull.

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