What Is Your I.Q?

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    In the middle. Also, it depends what the subject is about, then, I may be considered a genius!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    You will always be a genius to me Pamela.


    I agree Pamela.

    168 and refused to join Mensa because they did not allow less intelligent people to join. Everyone, regardless their IQ has something to offer. I have known people who could not read or write and could solve problems that I could not. Spirit is the genius of a person not the ability to take a test. Were I to write a book that only 1% of our culture could read and understand the gift of my abilities would be wasted by my vanity.


    A college professor asked me to take an IQ test when he noticed that I was obviously intelligent. I sat in on his class (Developmental Psy) after grade school and did the work there while my parents were attending other classes rather than going home and waiting for my parents to arrive home from college. I went to microbiology, physics and chemistry classes primarily without objection by the professors of those classes and studied their textbooks also. I had six years of that and would have graduated but I was too young and did not pay tuition.

    Not sure about my intelect,but i have a top score in kindness and compassion.

    country bumpkin

    I'll second that!( I may need to clarify that I'm talking about the kindness and compassion.)

    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> & <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> - Thanks for the high-esteem from both of you. I'm pretty sure both of you are genius' in your own given subjects. lol!!!

    not much i am sure...............but i am a great person anyway....thank god for collen,6dogs ,iampamela313,itsme,ed shank,darreen,panda,randy,jenn,and all the other people on this site...oh yes peoplelover and bulletman, too.  did i forget anyone???


    Yeah! Me.I'm sulking now.

    sorry tommyh to are on the list of course,sorry i could i?

    yea,me man,

    I'm just a Bumpkin!


    and a cute one at that ;)
    country bumpkin

    Is my face red? Thanks.

    I think I'm about 15 to 20 less than 3 times my age and I was born in March of 1961. Never took a test though, and can't read, write or add for beans, what's yours?

    Off the charts, but can't do math. Go figure.

    to scared to know the truth, im afraid a secret goverment cia op will kidnap me and disect my brain!

    Mine is an equivalent to 13 penguins put together!


    Ha ha...
    I thought yours was lower than mine

    Your IQ is 13, my favorite number. lol!

    I didn't say mine was 13. I said mine was a combination of the IQs of 13 penguins.

    The machine broke that was trying to anerlise me,

    Somewhere between 75 and 175 you

    I have told you all I know and you still know nothing

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