what is the meaning of the word controversy

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    It occurs,When others can not see that you are right,

    Difference in ideas, or religious belief, any kind of argument,ect.

    If something is controversial, it means that it divides opinion quite sharply ie abortion is a controversial subject.  A controversy is an event that causes this divide in opinion ie someone getting an abortion could be a controversy once others are aware of it.

    diffrence ,argument .

    issues, on any given topic with bright minds!!


    a conflict of opinion or dispute

    CONTROVÉSIA difference of opinion or discussion as to an action, affirmation, theory, proposal or issue; controversy, action to deny, contradict or oppose the something; challenge, challenge , incompatibility is a matter of opinion ,vary in size, ranging from private disputes between two people up to disagreements on a large scale, controversial situations are considered as potentially dividing in a given society, because they lead to tension and ill will.

    CONTROVÉSIA Diferença de opiniões ou discussão quanto a uma ação, afirmação, teoria, proposta ou questão; polêmica, Ação de negar, contradizer ou de se opor a algo; contestação, impugnação , incompatibilidade é uma questão de opinião ,variar em tamanho, indo desde disputas particulares entre duas pessoas até desentendimentos em larga escala, situações controvertidas são tidas como potencialmente divisoras numa dada sociedade, porque levam à tensão e má vontade.

    President Trump is creating controversy by banning people from coming into the country. some people like the ban, most people do not. it's a very controversial stand he is taking.



    it is right anser or a wrong anser it up to you and your beleafes

    controversy |?käntr??v?rs?| noun ( pl. controversies ) disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated: he sometimes caused controversy because of his forceful views | the announcement ended a protracted controversy. ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin controversia, from controversus ‘turned against, disputed,’ from contro- (variant of contra- ‘against’) + versus, past participle of vertere ‘to turn.’

    I am often amused when a heated controversy develops over issues of trivial importance. Some folk seem easily over wrought when triggered by imagined insinuations of personal insult. 


    Hey Rob..good to see still as profound as ever!! XXLOL..(I hate change)!x

    ....Congress ?

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