Do you have dreams and/or plans to start your own small or large business?

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    I dream/plan to go back to playing my music at festivals and other venues again..I never stopped playing or writing or recording samplers...just stopped performing to raise my a single I will go back to performance art...B.B.King says that we musicians can never retire..we just musicians!!   :)


    lindilou I truly hope you continue in quest to work on your dreams and your creativity!

    Thanks tabber I will and am...I'm in the process of booking a great engagement at the Coombs Soundgarden here on Vancouver Island!! My incredibly talented brother will be joining me to play lead licks and slide-overs...I'm excited after 18 years of no public performances. (..she said with shaking knees while the whites of her eyes shone bright as the moon on a cold harvest I'm really scared!!! eeeeee)

    My wife and I have so many small businesses, my dreams are more like nightmares.

    I had a small business for 50 years, would have worked for the state if I had know what I know now, I could be sitting here now with a nice pension.


    sunnyB don't we all make dumb decisions. Oh I wish I could go back 20 years or so. But sunnyB carry on! Don't regret and be happy.

    tabber your right there life is full of mistakes and regrets but if you have good health that's more important. I have a little part time job now with no worries, I can go home to my two cats and life's fine.

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