how to replace a fuel pump for 87 ford tempo

    car cranks but will not start.  can not hear pump from listening at the fuel door.

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    Place vehicle on hoist, do not raise.
    Depressurize fuel system as follows:
    Disconnect electrical connector at inertia switch.
    Crank vehicle for a minimum of 15 seconds to reduce fuel pressure in lines.
    Remove fuel from fuel tank by pumping out through filler. Use care to prevent combustion from fuel spillage.
    Raise vehicle on hoist.
    Disconnect and remove fuel filler tube.
    Support fuel tank and remove fuel tank support straps. Lower fuel tank partially and remove fuel lines, electrical connectors, and vent lines from tank. Remove fuel tank to bench.
    Remove any dirt that has accumulated around fuel pump attaching flange so that it will not enter fuel tank during removal and installation.
    Turn fuel pump locking ring counterclockwise with tool, and remove lock ring.
    Remove fuel pump and bracket assembly.
    Remove seal gasket and discard.

    Clean fuel pump mounting flange and fuel tank mounting surface and seal ring groove.
    Put a light coating of Multi-Purpose Long-Life Lubricant C1AZ-19590-B (ESA-M1C75-C) or equivalent on a new seal ring to hold it in place during assembly and install it in fuel ring groove.
    Install fuel pump and sender assembly carefully to ensure that filter is not damaged. Ensure that locating keys are in keyways and seal ring remains in place.
    Hold assembly in place and install locking ring finger-tight, being sure that all locking tabs are under tank lock ring tabs.
    Secure unit with locking ring by rotating ring clockwise with a tool until ring stops against stops.
    Remove fuel tank from bench to vehicle and support tank while connecting fuel lines, vent line, and electrical connectors to appropriate places.
    Install tank in vehicle and tighten straps.
    Lower vehicle.
    Install filler tube and attaching screws.
    Install a minimum of 38 liters (10 gallons) of fuel and check for leaks.
    Turn ignition key to ON position for three seconds repeatedly (5 to 10 times) until pressure gauge shows at least 90 kPa (13 psi) . Check for leaks at fittings.
    Remove pressure gauge, start engine, and recheck for leaks.
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