If You Won The Lottery Jackpot Would You Give It All Away?

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    TU for the question good one PAM

    Thanks, Mel!

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    I would pay off my debt, then travel looking for people down on their luck (who have really tried) to give a sum to.


    <a href="/users/1111/randy-palmer/">@Randy Palmer</a> - You know you have more than enough when you have to look for people to give it too. TU!!!

    <a href="/users/1589/papa-peg/">@papa</a>, great answer, I have worked for the past 2 years off and on for a half way house, there are many people that need help out there, especially the homeless. They cant get jobs because they don't have addresses, or phone numbers, or have a place to take a shower, or clothes to go to an interview with. It's sad that there are so many people with money that could help, but don't.

    I would set up a legitimate invention company helping those with good ideas, but who have no money for the patent searches, or patent lawyers. Taking maybe a small commission to help the next group of inventors.

    I have had a few inventions stolen by invention companies and the other companies just want to take your money, it seems like they really don't want to help you, they just want to steal or rob you.
    Anyway I would help others earn money to help more people.

    I would take care of my family first, pay church dues, invest in a business. Take all my friends, including friends on this site,on a trip, paid for anywhere you all would want to go. Then splurge a little. All the rest to hungry, homeless and the needy.


    T.U. Pamela.


    thanks spaceghost thats really nice well done for the comment tu every time x

    Thanks Mel, I really would do all that I said, once the family is squared, I really would give the rest away.

    I would help feed and clothes the homeless.Buy housing for people who don't have anywhere to live.Open new business's to help people get back on their feet.


    Did you know that homeless for children across the nation has risen 25%? Scary!!!


    Sort of everything Obama promised Papa, except the HELP BUINESSES part.

    papa peg

    Yea buy I didn't hit the lottery yet.I give when I can

    papa peg

    Yea but when i pledge money too help poor people.I make sure i send my pledge in.

    if your not giving any away now,you more than likely are not going to give away if you hit the lottery


    <a href="/users/2217/daren1/">@daren1</a> - Sometimes it takes others a little more to think how they want to share their wealth!!!

    papa peg

    daren1 I only make 700 a month.I make my house payment pay tithes.And my bills and send money too help people.

    Hell no! I'd tell everyone to piss off and buy their own ticket. I'd blow the money as quick as I could. On me.


    <a href="/users/7175/ed-shank/">@ed shank</a> - Selfish! At least you are being honest, gotta respect that!!!

    I would share, not give it all away!!!

    I agree with IamPamela. I would share with my fellow human beings, I wouldn't give it all away. I would like some money as well. There R places in the world and things I would like to do. Also it depends of course how much my winnings R. I have heard of some jackpots being over 200 million. Even after the IRS get's there cut, I would think that any responsible person would help out the less fortunate.


    <a href="/users/999/veteran01/">@veteran01</a> - I agree with you. It feels good when you can give and you don't have to think about it!!!

    I keep asking God to allow me to provide me with great wealth and prove my desire to help those in financial need. Would be wonderful to give what was given freely to those needing help.


    <a href="/users/7091/mat21225/">@mat21225</a> - God knows your heart. You never know where your help will come from!!!

    Look after my family and all the Animals and all the mates o this site and look at given to help the homeless and hope have enough left to enjoy my selve and visit all you guys

    <a href="/users/1589/papa-peg/">@papa peg</a> - Great Answer! I see that you are a humanitarian. I like that in a man, that shows his love!!!

    Being a philanthropist has always been a dream of mine. I have thought clearly of where the money would be handed out and how much fun it would be to be able to do that. I am by no means rich in the western worlds terms but still give money away on a scale that I can afford. Unfortunately I have to start buying lottery tickets more often.


    <a href="/users/3033/mom/">@mom</a> - you can't win unless you buy. LoL!!!

    With huge amounts of wealth comes huge amounts of responsibility. I would help out people that could pass a drug test. The ones that cant pass a test are allready receiving welfare, stamps , or other assistance.


    <a href="/users/3231/zorro/">@zorro</a> - Everybody needs little help every now and then!!!

    Pay off debts, buy stuff I need (like a car). Pack up and move to Arizona, early retirement for the hubby. Then start donating to charities of my choice.

    Why not move to the land of milk and honey 6dogs, Queensland Australia. We can use all the bald headed dog lovers we can get.
    Have to do something about the "God dang accent"

    Well, I'd love to visit the "Land Down Under" perhaps some day. But I think I'd like to stay with the dear old Dad-in-Law to make his life a little easier for his last few years, KWIM?

    Sorry, duplicate entry.

    Family first, then charities in my area.

    NO. After I tallied up all the money I spent on SCRATCH-OFFS, LOSEING LOTTERY TICKETS, THE HORSES AND PRO FOOTBALL I would probably be even anyway. :(


    <a href="/users/1959/tsc/">@TSC</a> - You forgot to include your expenditures for beer. LoL!!!


    I beg to differ! Beer can be a game of chance. Besides it was a joke, since you make it well know how you love your beer!!!


    Buying beer isn't a game of chance. ;)


    I know it was a joke. :)<-----Did you miss my smiley face?

    No No and No never not all some not all


    It's your prerogative, and you can do what you what to do!!!

    Depends of course how much was won but family first - then to genuine causes cancer research and sevaral animal charities would get donations + "Help for Hereos" for our soldiers in Afganistan.

    If I did, the IRS would be at my door the next day.


    <a href="/users/3239/shadow/">@Shadow</a> - IRS take theirs off the top, whatever is left is yours to keep!!!


    <a href="/users/3239/shadow/">@Shadow</a> - The best advice I can give...just enjoy it until that time come!!!


    However, I wouldn't know the final outcome until the following April 15 or whenever I file for that year. In other words it's not an automatice number taken off the top. It simply adds to your anual income.

    Nope, I wouldn't give any away unless the person really needed it.

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