a farmer put a post in a right of way to stop me getting my dustbins off my proprety

    private right of way can he do this

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    Take the post down. Go to the town zoning dept if he continues to put things in the way. He can get fined if whatever he places in the right of way impeded access to your home. In other words, if the pole can stop a large vehicle, like a fire engine from getting to your house.

    If it aPublic way then he should have to remove this if not and he owns the land I am sure if you got intouch with the Council on this matter and if they cant or wont help get intouch with Citazen advice good luck or pay for a Lawer they will sort it out Farmers they are pain in the neck when it comes to land

    Sounds like the Farmer is being a jerk.

    As it is probably his property he has every right to do what he likes , even if it inconviences you or others.

    You could ask him to move the sign or assist in its moving. wait to late at night dig it up and move it a few metres...


    "As it is probably his property he has every right to do what he likes"

    Not in the USA. Even of he owns it, if it is a right of way for where someone has a home, he can do nothing to impede it.
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    Really here you can close your drive way off even if it stops others ... whats your is yours here :) unless its 2 meters underground.

    When it's a right of way, it can not be closed off.
    Deleted User

    Fair enough, you can do what you want here..

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