take apart Aroma ARC-2000 rice cooker

    We moved and our rice cooker got dented. It still works but the wife wants the dent removed. How do you get to the inside of the chassis to push out the dent?

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    All I could find on the net was the instruction manual, it may help you a little.


    ROMOS; thanks I did review that manual but it does not include a chassis breakdown picture which may have helped. I also emailed Aroma with the same question. One user wrote about prying the bottom of the unit off to clean rice accidentally loaded under the heat plate. That prying effort would likely make our unit look worse. Thanks anyway.

    Some of these units are sealed, this is the manufacturers way of telling us not to interfere with the casing,you could ruin the unit altogether for the sake of an unsightly dent.

    ...and if you need to remove the A/C cord, you simply rotate it 90 degrees and it will come out.

    We have an Aroma ARC-940SB Rice Cooker.  There is a phillips head screw under the label with the model number on it.  By removing this screw you can pop the bottom off.  That gives you access to the whole thing.

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