What Would Your Dream Home Look Like?

    Is it something like this a 6,400-square-foot gym/media room/bar, an elevator, a reflecting pond and a lap pool.! alt text

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    Boy you must be loaded!

    How did you get a photo of my home

    I live next door...two on the block :-)

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    I'm living in it. Large, nice mountain views and close to the ocean. But, not close enough to be taken by a tsunami. It would have to cross a mountain.

    oh eggie this sounds a dream LOL

    My dream home log cabin.In the woods.By a nice lake with a lot of big fish.


    <a href="/users/1589/papa-peg/">@papa peg</a> - I see you like your space and you are also the out-doors type.


    my kind of Dream Home too :D

    I live on a big lake with lots of big fish. But its sad to see what is happening here. Too many big boats.The Lake has a terrible smell when it gets hot.
    I live on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea. A stream in my garden and most nights I see a fantastic sunset. I am in my dream home

    wow this sound fabulouse you are really fortunate LOL something like this for me


    THat's my dream Home too :D

    I have just looked on that pic looks great love it LOL

    <a href="/users/3047/roger-willcoe/">@Roger Willcoe</a> - I saw your dream home. You like the woods, the out-doors type!!!

    Roger Willcoe

    yes, small and simple like my brain. I like your DH but I think I'd get lost in something like that.

    Wow I love this Question though I am afraid it might end up as a book well here goes I would like a house by the sea must have big garden and at least 4 bedroom for accomodated the Family , I would like a underground Garage (as sand really plays havoc with with the paint work) a wood burner in the sitting room and a must have kitchen come dinner with open views to the see and where the kitchen is must be floor to ceiling Glass doors (bi fold doors) and I would like to have a windmill for my energy and most of the house will be ECO friendly  also would like a large pond in the Garden and being really indulgent perhaps a hot tub the garden must be at least 1 hector I had better end it now as everyone will get bored and I think you get the picture a House by the Sea



    Marvellous, coming from you, I would expect the best. Don't know what happened to the photo of my dream home. :-)

    thanks Pamela I did wonder I couldnt go on it if you do happen to retrieve it let me know LOL

    Sounds nice, Mel

    Mel, I guess the photo from the old site, was incompatible with the new site.

    thanks Ann lol

    Pamela I can see the dream in my head its fabulouse lol
    4 walls and a front door :)

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