Is it true, chicken eggs are chickens periods ?

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    No. The lining of the uterous maybe always thick enough so that the hen doesn't have to shed it once a month, like a human.So, the egg would be like a birth - - - -not a period

    False. What if you went into a restaurant and ordered chicken and the waiter brought you a chicken egg? Would you say "That is what I ordered"?

    I raise 25 chickens and presently get a dozen eggs per day. The eggs are washed each day and I have noticed a variety of materials on the eggs…dried blood is common, pieces of material that is like egg shell only chunky and small in size. The chickens often lay an egg each day from the time they are about 5 months old, for about 2 years. The eggs are progressively larger from the time they start laying. At 2 !/2  years of age their eggs are quite large and sometimes have two yokes. Depending on the breed, some breeds produce eggs every day or every other day for about 5 years.  Results may vary widely. Chickens produce more eggs because of a genetic modification that occurred in China thousands of years ago. A species of Bamboo in China produces fruit at twenty year intervals that is prodigious and genetically mutagenetic. The effect is also carried in Black rats that with abundant food can have multiple litters of rat that are only days apart. So too, chickens have an egg assembly line uterus.  Their egg production rate is dependent on their diet and age.    


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