Why do I only see QUESTIONS ON here and no answers, I went back over a month???

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    Because there's a question page and an answered page. Until a question is answered it stays on the question page. Once answered, it moves to the answered page. Now unless you figure out there are two pages all on your own, you'll never see this answer :)
    ole hipster

    Well said Colleen! (comments she with much amusement!) lol
    i haven't got off my seat for six weeks, still waiting for an answer to my question "how do i shut down my computer?'

    Not to mention, have you read some of the questions that are unanswered? Some of them you can't even guess what the author was trying to ask because of terrible grammar, others are just statements, while still others just aren't very interesting questions...

    I suppose s/he might see it if we voted for the question.

    I shall try and see, without saying what I'm thinking, being tactful... kind... and trying not to giggle.

    We shall see, or not.

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