can I legally own a fully automatic rifle

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    There are currently 37 states here in the U.S. that allow the possession of automatic weapons. The requirements are that you submit an application to BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco &, Firearms & Explosives. As part of that application a complete criminal background investigation is done and you must submit a set of current fingerprints as part of the process.(Finger Prints fee's vary from $15-$20 depending on the state of residence)

    Once approved, you will be required to pay a one-time fee of $200 for a Federal Tax Stamp per weapon (There are NO, REPEAT NO additional FEE'S,Dealer's Licenses or anything additional required!!)

    With the GCA of 1986 (Gun Control Act) Civilians are not allowed to posess fully automatic weapons unless they were manufactured prior to 1986. The weapons manufactured before 1986 are "Grandfathered" meaning they can still be LEGALLY transfered thru a licensed/bonded Class III NFA Weapons Dealer.NO fully automatic weapons made after 1968 are legal for civilians to own or possess.

    In addition the permit once issued requires that the permit be with the registered licensed weapon at all times and especially when transported. You must also show proof that the registered weapon is stored in a safe or locked container that meets BATFE guidelines. Issuing the Permit also allows BATFE to make a personal inspection of your residence or storage area once annually.(Usually announced prior by appointment)

    Several states have their own state restrictions or laws of ownership for these weapons and a person who is licensed with the weapon is subject to the state laws of any state he visits or may travel thru.

    If you can find a grandfathered AK-47 or M-16 you can technically purchase it but they are extremely rare and quite expensive......You would be better suited to pick something easier to obtain


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    Well assuming that you can and  want to  Now the question is can you afford to shoot the thing . A 7.62  round  is about  1.70 us per round and the  average  mg  shoots about 800 900 rpm  the  one minute of  fun  is  about  1377 us   Hope this helps ya good luck we're all counting on ya

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