can a hiatal hernia cause a migraine stomach?

    My friend has been diagnosed as having a large hiatal hernia.about 9cm.  For the last year or so , he  gets symptoms  regular about every 3 to 4 weeks. These symptoms start off  with him getting the chills,nausea, severe stomach pains, sweating, weakness, lethargic, and neuropathic  pain  in his legs.  One Dr.  said that he has an abdominal migraine  Can the hiatal  hernia cause these symptoms?

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    sounds like more than the symptoms of a hiatal hernia. I was an LPN , and  I never heard of a connection between a migraine and a hiatial hernia. Migraines are not in the abdomen. They're in the head. They're caused by an enlargement of blood vessels in the brain. At any rate, he needs to see a specialist.....someone who specializes in the digestive system and abdomen.- - -a gastro-enterologist.Sounds  like your friend needs a CT scan.

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