how can i get a schematic free for 1986 nissan maxima

    I bought car used have blown some fuses and don't have the schematic I only need one page . do not have the money to pay for complete manual. please help for rhe fuse box. The radio and tail lights are not working.

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    Sorry, I've checked everywhere. I can not find one. I even tried You may have to resort to pulling the fuses one at a time. On the blade or clear glass tube fuses, just look inside. If the inner contact is burnt in half, or there is obvious black burn marks, then the fuse has blown. 




    I have pulled probable 25 of the fuses I might have 10 more to go but I'm not finding that any of them our burnt . If someone has this car most of the schematic are identical but surely someone knows which fuse controls the radio and tail lights. Thank you for your help

    Have you checked the bulbs in the tail lights? It only takes one bad bulb to knock out both tail lights. Also, there is a switch under the brake pedal arm that activates the tail lights. That switch could be bad. For the radio, pull it out and make sure the wiring harness for it is still securely plugged in.

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