How do you get rid of ants their home is under my cement step at the front door - no access as the step is rigth ontop of the driveway

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    Some tips here >

    Here's a safe, easy, cheap solution

    I've had success ridding areas of crickets & ants with diatomaceous earth.  It's safe, non-poisonous....try sprinkling some around where you see them.  It will cause them to self-destruct without hurting your animals, yourself or hurting the environment.  The only thing that's bad is that you need to put down this white powder & leave it for a while.  In my house, where I get invaded by all kinds of critters, I've found it works & then, I just sweep up the powder.  I'll send a good thought for you.   SkyM 

    Julie Gyoba

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question ----------now for another question.where do I get the diatomaceous earth??

    You can use talcum powder and sugar to attract them to it, and take it back to their nest.  The talc cuts their exoskeleton and they dry out and die.  Look for their ant trail, and put it so they must walk through it. 

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