Someone has stolen my mum's credit card details and and spent £40. She still has the card so how have they done it?

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    Contact the credit card company and let them know what's happened. They will remove the chard and send your mum a new card with a new account number. All they need is the account number, the expiration date and the 3 digit pin from the back of the card to use it, especially for on line purchases. Example of how someone could get the card information: Say your mum used the card at a restaurant where she put the card in with the receipt to be paid away from the table, that is when her card info could have been copied. Never let a credit card leave your sight. You want to make sure no one is writing down the card details. 

    All anyone needs is the number........

    First of all, cancel your Credit Card immediately.  Explain the situation to the institution & provide them a list of all fraudulant transactions. They should restore (credit) your mum's account within a week or so while they investigate the situation.

    Just 3 weeks ago my credit/debit card was hacked into WHILE the card was in my posession!!        I learned that anyone with a "card reader" can simply stand by your side as the card reader retrieves your CCard information from your wallet or purse.  More specifically I understand that using your CCard at the gas pump, rather than paying inside the sation, is the most common area for hackers to retrieve your CCard information. Anywhere you use your CCard which requests your 5-digit zip code is at higher risk of hackers to obtain your information. 

    Good Luck to you & your mum. Cheers!

    Thanks to everyone who answered my question regarding my mums credit card.  Apparently the bank noticed that there were two transactions of £20 to a mobile phone company which seemed odd as she has never topped up for a mobile phone.  Anyway, she did get her money back.  Still like to kick their head in though. 

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