Do you know that leaves lose their green color because of changes in sunlight, not temperature?

    Days get shorter and shorter as seasons change from summer to fall to winter.  As the days get shorter there becomes less light available for photosynthesis to take place.

    Trees know this and will live off of stored food for the winter instead of wasting valuable energy producing leaves that will not benefit them.

    Leaves lose their green chlorophyll and as chlorophyll fades away we begin to see yellow and orange colors on leaves. These colors are always found in leaves, but are hidden by green chlorophyll during spring and summer.  Curious!

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    I answered this question earlier, take a look.

    Jack Large

    I just wanted to educate the folks on the subject.

    I was reading an article by one of the Environuts, regarding the so called "Man caused Global Warming."

    He is full of crap! He was going on about how we KNOW the heat in cites will keep the tree in the cities green longer!

    The fact is the record warmest average temperature in the US was set way badk in 1931 at 92 degrese, not this past summer when it was 91.

    Our climate has been doing this for billions of years, the planet will handle it, not sure about humans though.
    Jack Large

    Agreed! The carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere was many time greater than it is today during the 160 million years the dinosaurs roamed the earth. 1.002%

    Today it is LESS THAN on half of one percent of the atmosphere, .004%. That could not effect the average temperature on Earth, either up or down

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