how do I send a book from Kindle for PC to my Kindle?

    It is not on my Kindle or is it in Manage my Kindle.

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    Plug the smaller end of the USB cable that came with the Kindle 2 into the designated port on the device. Plug the larger end of the cable into an open USB port on your PC. You can only use the cable that came with the device to transfer books; other USB cables will not fit into the Kindle 2's micro-USB port. You do not need to use a powered USB port for transferring books.

    Double-click the Kindle 2 removable drive icon on your PC's desktop. If the icon does not appear, locate the Kindle 2 folder in "My Computer." While plugged into a PC, the Kindle operates only as a removable drive; you cannot read books while transferring files. The USB cable simultaneously charges the Kindle 2.

    Drag your book files to the Kindle 2 "Books" folder or Kindle 2 icon and drop them inside. The book files will only transfer if you add them to a folder that supports the e-book formats. Eject the Kindle 2 from the PC before unplugging the USB cable.

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