Can We All Get Along

    We all have different opinions, likes and dislike, agree to disagree. While their is so much hatred, lies, corruption, deception in the world. Where is the "LOVE"?

    I believe "akaQA" has been a great site for us to voice our opinion, differences, just our way of thinking. We are the people that makes the world go round and glad that I'm a part of it!!!!

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    We will all get along together. Its just a matter of time. The course is already set and we are on the way there already. The various bumps along the way that seem so painful, serve as a reminder that we are still on the move toward our greater destiny. I know how easy it is to blame others for an ox cart crash on Wall Street. I too have seen the death toll rising from a storm. These things are all part of our journey through time that shows us we are not yet home. In our home away from the walled off villages of our past are the smooth roads and gentle rolling fields of grain. Those ways are like a lullaby and bring us into Paradise….that is what our home here is to become more like as we pass along this way. Amen

    ...Earth calling Robert...come in Robert...

    I am very optimistic about the future. There is a lot of fear and confusion about where we are all going here. Comparing future to past and past to future is such a busy thing to concern oneself with. When you choose to be here now…things are a lot simpler. The bumps and crashes along the way are easier to take in stride unless you aren’t there, but hedging you bets for tomorrow and reviewing last weeks failures comparatively. Do you get prizes for all that busy work? I would rather sit on the newspaper than read it.

    <a href="/users/3453/paula/">@Paula</a> - You speaking of afflicting physical harm to someone. That's not what my question is about. My question is about "communication" and "how we treat one another"!!!

    Getting along will begin with just two people who agree to respect each other and treat one another fairly in all things. Then two more people will agree to respect each other and then two more people will agree to respect each other and so on and so forth, until there will be a world of people who will agree to respect each other.

    This will take a very long time, but in the end - it will be worth it don't you think?
    only if were not all together at once. which would never happen any how.but i do my best to get along with everyone. but i cant be responcible for their actions and reactions..only my own
    I don't think that people can get along with each other until they get to know one another. That's where so many stereo types come from. The lack of knowing someone who is different than you.

    Even once we learn about each other, we may not like each other. I think for the most part once you get to know people you generally learn to like them.
    I have a hard enough time to get along with myself,let alone with everybody else,it take all kind to make a world? Again it might be a dull existence if we were all the same mind.
    In a perfect world I guess.........

    I wish everyone could all get along would be very nice if that happened.

    Consider the possibility that this usurping race originated from a system known as Orion, entering through the Himalayan and Caucasus mountains some 85,000 years or so, within our linear frame of time. This is intresting reading


    Say what ?
    Sure we can! just some of us wont let that happen. There is a natural instinct within some that has existed since the days of Adam. And this instinct wont let us be happy. Because it is natural to them to have no forgiveness or to let anything just go, they thrive on negative emotions that make them want to see good people fail. This natural instinct for destroying the good exists in all the world, is in every race of people, and descriminates with no remorse. The Lord said that you will know them by their works. Yep, they are still at it.

    But, yes, we can. We just have to wait for the day that these receive their day to open their books to page 1 and ask that it be read by Jesus, Himself. They will need someone to represent them against all the wrong that they will be on judgement for. But, will all the answers written within those pages be blotted out?

    Yes, we can all get along. We just can't do it with this kind of spirit in men. It will come down to a spiritual war. It is what men will do that will destroy this place.

    Your sister,


    Do you believe everyone can get along when there are people in the world who think that it's oky-doky to kill and rape women and children in the name of Sharia Law; That it's OK to strap a bomb on one's son, daughter, or wife, that it's alright to kill others who disagree that their Allah god with a small (g) is not the true GOD, Creater of the "All That Is"--Now you tell me, should we all just get along?

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