Is there anything I could use to help my dogs dry skin?

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    There are several reasons why dogs' skins can become dry and for each of these reasons, there are simple ways to remedy it at home. Dogs are particularly prone to dry skin during the winter months when the air is dry and if they are kept at home for the most part when the heat is turned up. The dog's diet, health condition and hygiene issues also play an important role.
    The first way to "treat" dry skin is to start at the very basic level of looking at what's in your dog's food. Choose a diet high in protein and that contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 to help your dog's fur grow beautifully and keep its skin moist and supple. Sometimes the cause of itchy skin can be an allergy to grains (fillers) which is usually found in lower-end dog food. Try switching to a mainly meat-based food.

    To remedy dry skin, supplement your dog food with one to three tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily for the first six weeks (depending on the size of your dog). If you see improvements, you can cut this dosage down to a third. Many high-end dog food actually already contain flaxseed and helps to improve your dog's coat. A cheaper alternative to flaxseed oil is salmon oil or olive oil. Use this just as you would with flaxseed oil. Once a week, you can feed your dog a whole raw egg or a slice of sardine in olive oil.

    Do not overbath your dog. While your dog may get into something stinky and disgusting once in a while, in general you should not bath it more than twice in a month since bathing the dog gets rid of the essential oils on its fur. Make sure you use a moisturizing shampoo that contains oatmeal protein. You can make an oatmeal protein colloidal by grinding 4 cups of oatmeal (per 20lb dog) finely and drawing a lukewarm bath for your dog. Gently wash the dog with the oatmeal bath. After bathing your dog, wipe some baby oil (or olive oil) over his fur and wrap him up in a warm towel to make sure that the oil soaks in. Never rub your dog with the towel, only pat, since rubbing can further aggravate the dry skin condition. The oatmeal colloidal is particular good for dogs with eczema.

    When your dog gets wet, particularly if he has been playing in the pool or was caught in the rain, make sure you wipe him dry thoroughly, since the evaporation from the dog's fur can further cause drying. In winter, when you have your heat on, make sure you put a humidifier in the room as well, allowing moist air to circulate and prevent skin from drying out. To quickly soothe dry skin, try steeping a cup of chamomile tea and filling it in a spray bottle and then spritz it all over your dog for a soothing effect. Remember to follow this up by rubbing the dry spots with some moisturizing oil.

    Dry skin can be very stressful for both the dog and its owner, but is something that is relatively easy to treat at home. Remember that just as your skin needs constant moisture, so does your dog's. Use a little oil high in Vitamin E and rub it in with some tender loving care.

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