how do you heal blisters fast

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    Try this >

    Clean the blisters and the area around the blisters with soap and water to remove any dirt and bacteria.

    Apply an antibiotic ointment to closed blisters and then cover with a sterile adhesive bandage.

    Change the bandage whenever it becomes wet or soiled, and check the blisters several times each day to see if they are still closed.

    Sterilize a needle by pouring rubbing alcohol over it, and then carefully lance any large and painful blisters to allow them to drain. It always best to leave blisters intact; drain them only when necessary due to size or for comfort.

    Cover the lanced blisters with antibiotic ointment and a sterile adhesive bandage.

    Rub a thin coating of petroleum on the bandage and then place a second bandage on top of the jelly. Do not place the petroleum jelly so that it interferes with bandage adhesion. The jelly coating ensures any friction caused by normal movement takes place between the bandage layers and does not affect the skin, thereby allowing the blisters to heal fast.


    There's no fast way except to pop them open and let them air dry. 

    coat of New Skin and then superglue, with some body glide over top will let you run w/out aggrivating it.

    A lot of Runners use this and they swear by it good luck

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