hi,recently bought a second hand mamas and papas pramette in afternoon tea :) really wan to wash whole pram can i safely remove bottom base cover of pram and replace after washing,and at what tempreture says hand wash please help just want it gleaming and prefectly clean for my new arrival,many thanks bex bubble .

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    All the Mamas & Papas pushchair fabrics are shower resistant. Should your pushchair become wet,

    do not fold the hood or apron when you take the item inside. Always allow the fabrics to dry

    naturally away from strong heat sources such as fires, radiators and out of direct sunlight.

    • Whilst fabrics are carefully selected and tested, washing, wear and normal exposure to bright

    sunlight may cause their colour to change.

    • The exposed edges of fabric covers are often the first to wear and fray, remember this when storing

    or transporting your pushchair and accessories.

    • Light soiling to the pushchair can be removed with a damp sponge and a mild detergent.

    Washing instructions: Remove the fabrics following the information given in these instructions.Hand wash the fabric with a mild detergent at 30º, dry the fabric flat away from direct heat and

    do not

    tumble dry. Do not use abrasives or bleach to clean the fabric.• Should a fault arise with your pushchair please contact either your retailer or phone our Customer

    Care Helpline on 01484 438222.

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