America after 9/11?

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    We are secure in our own country, but our troops are beeing killed in Afghanistan. It is not safe anywhere in the middle east. They hate us more than ever, as the last four days have shown..The killing of our Ambassador Stevens and three others could have been prevented in Libya had our Government provided better security in the wake of 9/11.


    Ann it is hard to have %100 security against these islamic fanatics. They tried the same thing in Sydney against the American and English Consulant, our police soon took a stop to this. we had no real racism in Australia until the muslims.

    Around here- NUTSO for a while...they have widened the no park zones around all of the gov't buildings..and it's harder to get into any gov't building.  Fight arrival time is 3 hours before your filght...ans as you drive to the airport there are huge electronic signs that tell you what safety code/color it is (by the way it is "orange" over 65% of the time)..and yet 11 years go by and all of these changes are the 'new normal' at this point.

    9/11/2001 changed America and its people.  we will never have the good times again. we found out that we were vulnerable.  People in the USA been living in this perfect utopian bubble, the bubble had burst.  

    Perhaps alot more security minded in knowing who someone is, and what they are doing.

    This past 9/11/2012. Proves we have a leader who can't lead. We give 1.5 Billion dollars to people who buy bombs and bullets with our money to kill our people. Am I missing something here? TU to our Aussie friends. Just watched the news out of Sydney. Thanks for kicking a lot of you know who's a**.


    Ed don't be afaid to say muslims, we all know they are mentally unbalanced i just hope our federal govt. does something about this demonstation., U.S. is still a free country, you voice your feelings.

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