i have a symptomless rash on my penis. i have an std test -negative rresult. what can it be?

    its been there about 2 years


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    For recurring rashes and other skin problems consult a general practitioner or dermatologist. You may consider a variety of lotions or penis specific crème, like Man1, that may help minimize rashes and discomfort.


    Not to scare you, but it could be penile cancer, get it checked by your doctor, and maybe a urologist. 

    Could be a number of things down to the laundry detergent or soap your using, a consultation with a  dermatologist as pythonlover suggested would be a good idea 

    Go to the std clinic and have this looked at - you can do this anonomously. You will be given treatment - or referred appropriately. The std test you said you had is not definitive here especially as it was negative (not even conclusive after one blood test) but they will probably repeat this anyway. Just to add this is most unlikely to be cancer.  

    2 years?  It's time to go to a doctor or dermatologist!


    maybe a "Psycho one!

    "Rubbing of foreskin , could be your problem !  ( against clothing ) 


    thanks for that clarification ;)

    "Oh No problem DOO. You know me "straight to the "point" ,makes it easy to handle !( the answer that is )

    You’re just going to have to go nude for a few weeks. 

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