how do I create a compass pie chart with excel

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    Launch Excel and open the file which has the data that you want to base your pie chart on. The data can be created by simply entering the numbers, formulas, or by calling it in from other programs.

    Highlight the data that you wish to base your chart on. The last cell that you wish to include will not be highlighted but it will have a bold outline around it.

    Click "Insert", "Chart" and a Chart Wizard window will appear. Scroll down the right side column of Chart Type and click on "Pie." This will bring up several sub-types of pie charts on the left hand side of the window. Pick the one you think will best describe your data. Click "Next."

    Review the data that you are seeing on this new window. If you do not see a pie chart with your data or the numbers look incorrect, click "Cancel" and highlight your data and try the process again. If all is correct, select "Next."

    Enter labels and a title for your pie chart on the next window. The next tab, Legend, allows the placement of the titles. The Data Labels tab allows manipulation and changes of the labeling of the pie chart. Click "Finish" when the pie chart appears the way you want it to.

    Manipulate the size of the chart on the spreadsheet by clicking the box it is in and dragging the mouse. Right clicking the chart and box that the chart is in brings up many options to edit the chart also.

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