If time travel was possible, what year would you like to go to ?

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    9 Answers get this end of the world stuff  out of the way.


    :) Good one.

    Maybe during the roaring 20's, that must have been exciting, and dangerous! 

    1965 when I was ten year's old,so I could see myself and my buddies playing ball in the street or playing "king of the hill" or riding our bikes all summer long one more time would be wonderful.Life in this city (Cleveland,Ohio) in 1965 was great,not so much now a days.  :(

    Could I change things while I was there or only observe.....?


    Would you want that responsibility? Change one thing and you change the entire futures of every living thing.

    Considering the facts of paradox, I wouldn't want to go back in time I would want to go forward.

    I don't want to see again where i have been, I want to see where i am going  But then again, I don't think I want to know beforehand what monster lurks in the hallways of the future.  so, I take it as it comes.

    Now what was the question?? 

    The control of time is something we all must do to keep up with current events and necessities. If I don’t buy chicken feed today, I’ll have nothing to feed them tomorrow.

    Changing an event that has already happened does affect everyone who was previously harmed by the event. But such corrections are quite rare and you would not likely be aware of the correction because it would be as if you had emerged from odd dream that soon fades away completely. If you are part of the correction you would know and remember. The movie “Time Cop” though far-fetched as a science fiction presentation, employed a mechanism to time travel. That will not happen because time is not controllable by a lower order of Creation. 

    But we can go back in time. Every time I hear on the radio that great song 'Sweet Caroline' sung by Neil Diamond my mind takes me back automatically to that, for me, great time.


    About ten years from now, that's  if all the promised medical advancements in treatment come to fruition

    To 6 th century to see how our forefathers struggled for the cause of Islam !

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