Why Is Their So Much Rhetoric Within The Republican Party?

    They just don't understand!!!

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    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - By the way, Good Debate. lol!!!


    Thanks you too.

    Yes but to blame the problems on one party is not realistic, it takes two to tango, both parties have to work together to compromise. It's not just one party that is being stubborn. I was raised a democrat and still like some of their people, but c mon, maybe a better question would be why aren't politicians not getting anything done?

    To put it all on one party is just to narrow minded, don't you think?


    leeroy, I'm not blaming one party, we are all in this together. Everybody have their share of blame. As we both can see our country is in serious trouble. So, where do Republicans stand in helping restore our country.

    Narrow-Minded,No. Open-Minded, Yes!!!


    Leeroy - It's not all about "cutting" and "spending", but creating!!!


    Pam, Democrats believe in big government and social programs, these things take an enormous amount of money and resources to run. Republicans believe in a smaller central government, which costs much, much, less. Do we really need so much government? Yes I agree the problem is that neither party is compromising, as you know all working relationships need compromise.

    I suppose Republicans are trying to make way to many cuts that the Democrats don't much appreciate.


    I agree but that will take another half hour to discuss.

    Are you kidding ? It's all politicians, they are all full of crap!!!! No one party has the monopoly on rhetoric, they all do it, that's why they call it politics.


    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - The reason why I posted this question our country is over the cliff and the Republicans large and in charge don't want to compromise with anything that is pertaining to the American working class people.

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