We have a small insurance settlement of about 30k to invest and we are thinking of dividend paying blue chip stock. Could you suggest where to look?

    We are 65 and expect to have some kind of work income in addition to our cpp and oas until at least 70. We have no mortgage and own our own home.

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    Are you in the UK? Some UK shares that pay good dividends are ; Sainsbury (3.85%), Glaxo ( 5.41%), Shell ( 5.11%), Vodaphone (6.02%). If you reinvest the dividends your capital will increase. Using ISA's the dividends may be tax-free but you need to ask for professional advice.

    You nee to contact a broker. This is akaQA, we answer general questions. We are not a business with certified stock brokers. 

    We are not in a position to ask a stock broker...Stock brokers have a vested interest in the stocks they recommend and we have been thru that more than once and lost our shirts...Twice the "stockbroker" went bankrupt and left the country leaving us holding the bag with worthless stock!



    We are a simple question and answer forum. We do not have the expertise to guide people on where to invest their monies. My only gold.

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