how can i open my ibm computer if i forgot the bio password

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    Remove Power

    Remove the power supply from the laptop by sliding the switch on the underside of the laptop next to the battery to the side and pulling the battery out.

    Disconnect the laptop from the power outlet. Allow the laptop to sit like this for an hour or so.

    Replace the battery and connect the laptop to the power outlet. Turn on the computer and enter the BIOS by pressing the appropriate function key specified on the black screen just after your computer turns on. This prompt will come before you see the Windows Logo. If Windows starts you will need to restart the computer and continually tap the appropriate function key again.

    Check to see if the BIOS has reset to its original configuration with no password. If not, continue to Step 2.


    Shut down and restart your computer. Enter the BIOS by following the prompt on your screen. Write down the name of your BIOS manufacturer. Press the "Exit" key on your computer to get out of the BIOS and enter Windows.

    Locate and download a BIOS password elimination software program like PC CMOS Cleaner or CmosPwd 4.8 (See Resources). Choose to save the program when prompted to either run or save.

    Double-click on the icon of the downloaded file to start the installation. Wait for the program to install.

    Open the program, enter the name of your BIOS manufacturer and click "Enter". Some software programs do not ask for the manufacturer, but instead simply offer possible generic passwords that work with the different BIOS manufacturers. Write down the possible password options for your BIOS manufacturer.

    Restart your computer and enter the BIOS. Try the various passwords you wrote down. When one is accepted, the BIOS screen will tell you that you have access. Change the password immediately to one you know, or disable the password option by choosing to restore the default settings. Press "Exit" to escape the BIOS and enter Windows.

    Reopen the BIOS password software and locate and click on a button that says "Change Password" or "Reset BIOS". The exact command will vary depending on the program. Enter the password you want to use, or wait for the program to restore the BIOS to default settings if you chose not to use a password.

    Restart the machine and enter the BIOS or Startup screen. You can now access the boot order and hard drive.

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