the first monkey Maranao version

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    The First Monkey

    Long ago in a thick forest, a young girl lived under the care of the goddess of weaving. Here she lived happily and without care, for everything that she wanted to eat was provided for her by her patroness.

    One day the goddess said to the girl, "Take this cotton, clean it, and make out a dress for yourself out of it." Now, the girl knew nothing about making cloth and weaving it, so she said to the goddess, "When the cotton is cleaned, is it ready for use?"

    "No," answered the guardian, "after it is cleaned, it must be beaten."

    "Well, after it is beaten, is it ready for use?" said the lazy girl. The goddess said that before it could be used, it would have to be spun. "Well, after it is spun, " persisted the saucy maiden, "is it ready for use?"

    "No, it must next be woven into cloth, cut, and sewn," answered the patient goddess.

    "Oh!" said, the girl, "it will take a long time and much hard work to make clothes that way. This leather hide which you have given me to beat the cotton on, will make me better clothing, because it will wear longer." So she covered herself with the leather. The goddess was so angry at the girl for her laziness that she decided that the leather should not only be her dress but also her very skin. Then the goddess took the stick for beating the cotton and thrusting it between the maiden's buttocks said to her, "This stick will become part of your body, and you will use it for climbing purposes. As a penalty for laziness, henceforth you shall live in tress in the forest, and there you will find your fruit."

    Thus, originated the first monkey with a coat of leather and a tail.




    According to Wiki it is.

    First monkey Iloko version
    Once there lived an old woman and her grandson in a hut. The old woman worked hard to feed her grandson and herself but her grandson was a lazy boy. He did not help her in her work and took her money and spent it all on his friends. 
    One day, he came home hungry. "Where is my food?" he demanded. Alas! The food was not ready. He became angry and finding coconuts lying on the ground, threw them at his grandmother. "Food' Food! Food!" he chanted stamping his foot. The good behaviour fairy was passing by. "I'll teach this boy manners!" she thought. She waved her magic wand and whoosh . . . the boy turned into a furry animal with a long tail. When his friends saw him they threw stones at him. Lo! They too turned into animals. The people drove them out of the town. 
    The boy and his friends then began living on trees and came to be known as monkeys.


    no this is the tagalog version of the first monkey . right ?


    What does the story explain?

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