what does infamous mean

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    Definition of infamous (adj) · Bing Dictionary
    in·fa·mous [ ínf?m?ss ]
    notorious: having an extremely bad reputation
    abominable: so bad as to earn somebody an extremely bad reputation
    punishable by serious penalty: formerly, punishable by imprisonment or loss of civil rights

    Famous in a bad or evil way.

    Saddam Hussein

    Jeffrey Dahmer

    Hitler is infamous. 

    From: Infamy’s Way

    "Children were throwing stones at him safely beyond his reach. Windows were shuddered close on his approach. The shrill whistles of the police filled the air for blocks ahead warning all who could hear of infamies approach. He paused to drop a farthing into a blind beggars cup. It tinkled in and the blind beggar said, “I know who you are.” and turned the cup over to drop the coin into the gutter that ran near-by. “Snails and slugs have more use of what may come from your hand than I.”said the blind beggar and infamy moved his cold darkness along the empty cobbled street.  


    Is this a long story? Robertgrist.

    I enjoy writing short narratives. This one sounds like it could be part of Dante’s Inferno or some other dark work of literature. It’s just a snippet that draws on the readers who may see a scene where Nixon takes council from infamy and thus darkens his own carrier. So it’s a story everyone has opportunity to write….or not.

    I was only kidding, as you can see my writing is pretty poor and the lack of imagination, well now you know why my story are short.

    Would that be like unpopular?

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