Do you like and understand facebook?

    I’ve never been to Cancun or Paris. I’ve never given a big wedding. I’ve never been a matron in a fancy wedding, I don’t drive a car that I want to show the world. FB seems like one of those Christmas letters where people do their yearly bragging. I went on for about four days and then jumped out. 

    FB sent me an e-mail and said, “Be careful. Anybody can find your address.”  Do you like it? I kinda liked looking at the pictures other people sent  but I can’t respond- itsmee

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    Some people use FB for the games and other applications.  Some use it to keep in touch with tons of people at a time.  I was happy to find out where a bunch of people I used to know had gone and am emailing with some and have seen others.  

    Some like to promote themselves.  I knew a guy in a band and he was always promoting the band's gigs along with his personal stuff.  My sister had her haunt all over FB. Every restaurant and business in the world (practically) has a FB page for you to "like" and "friend".  

    I spend less than one minute a day on FB.  I spend less than 5 minutes per MONTH on FB. Except for reconnecting with "old friends and acquaintances", FB is useless to me. 


    <assuming below comment was meant to go here>

    My son said that people who don't use FB are antisocial. He's full of it. I'm social (kinda) FB has nothing to do with it. I got confused about what was public and what was private. I had little to brag about ... it had to end for me.

    "5 minutes per MONTH " seems about right. : ) Good to see you.

    itsmee, when are we going to meet for coffee, or wine, or lunch?????

    We will do this. Do you have my e-mail, PKB?

    Itsmee, I don't think so; you can get mine from Colleen. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

    I sent it weeks ago. Itsmee needs to check her e-mail.

    Thank you, Colleen. I may have hers as well, but I have been negligent in anything beyond getting to work, bowling, and my mom's. My free minutes are here; relax and enjoy.

    Hi Bob/PKB,
    I e-mailed you last night and addressed it to Yahoo. It bounced back and said you do not have an account like that. I'm going to try again today.

    I like FB. I keep up with my sisters this way and they do me.  I can always write a long email but for quick news, FB can't be beat.  And I use it to find old friends. Have found 3 good ones......


    Maybe I’ll give it another chance... and then again, maybe not.

    Anything you post on FB will be accessible for ever and will come back to haunt you in the future. I find I waste far too much time on AKAQA and my emails so I don't intend to enroll for FB.

    ' Don't Like! '


    I think you’re wise ~ but then I change my mind every day. ; /

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