Do I get tax breaks if I only work overseas and am out of country for 200 plus days?

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    Depends on which country, they all collect income taxes.

    Generally in the USA if you paid income taxes in another county, on money you earned in that country, you do not need to pay income taxes on that same income, in the USA

    In any event if your ADJUSTED income is the USA is low enough you may not have ANY tax liability in the US

    Every since the Republican Congress lowered the tax RATES for all America, under George Bush, and extended last year by Obama, nearly 50% of all Americans no longer have ANY tax liability.

    Contrary to what Obama amd the Dimocrates would have you believe, historically  every time tax rates are LOWERED, income to the US Treasury does not go down, it goes UP, because Americans have more money to spend and every time a dollar is spent it is TAXED again.  The more dollars in circulation the more taxes paid to the Treasury's of the US, state and local governments..


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